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Please keep an eye on this page: events & dates will be updated progressively


Other Events

Horse/Pony of the Year (No Awards 2021)

Covers the period 1st Nov. to the 31st Oct. of each year (this is the WDC Financial Year)

The owner or rider must be a financial member of the club.

Points will be allocated to the grade you ride in.
Only 1 level per horse can be entered.
Only results from official EA/FEI tests will be counted.
Points will be gained according to the current EA model for example:

61 – 62.999% = 1 point,
63-64.999% = 2 points,
65-66.999% = 3 points,
67-68.999% = 4 points,
69-70.99% = 5points,
71- 72.999% and over = 6 points,
73% and over = 7 points


​To include ponies in the competition, but not give them an unfair advantage, it has been agreed to award an overall prize for the pony with the highest points. They will not be eligible for the individual class awards.

All results must be forwarded to Melissa Williams by email ( by the end of the first week of November in each year

No results will be accepted after this date as trophies etc need to be organised so they can be presented at the AGM


Finally, don’t forget, you must be in it to win it!

Archive of Previous Minutes/Records

Covers the period 1/11/2019 to the 31/10/2020 (WDC Financial Year).
Nominations due Fri. 6th Nov. 202019
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